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    Dì Wine

    is an artisanalfortified wine, very unique, to be enjoyed as an aperitif on the rocks, as an after dinner digestive, or to create and flavour your personal cocktail. The recipe, a well kept family secret, goes back to the late 1800s was known only in the countryside around Florence. It laid forgotten among the old cellar documents until the great-grandson Gabriele Giotti found it and decided to start again the production so that new generations of Florentines, as well as the entire world could once again taste and appreciate the old traditions of the past.

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    Dì Wine is made from a patented recipe starting with a traditional tuscan-style wine as its base.

    Through a natural process, the wine is infused with fresh citrus and vanilla bean, with no artificial colors or flavors added. Experience Di Wine on ice as an aperitivo, after dinner as a digestivo, or to elevate a craft cocktail.

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    Spritz fiorentino

    Dì Wine, the main and essential ingredient distinguishing and characterizing the Florentine spritz is an artisanal and characterizing the Florentine spritz is an artisanal fortified wine, fresh and sweet with citrus and vanilla flavour; it is exclusively produced around Florence according to a family secret recipe dating back to the late 1800s. In the name of tradition, other ingredients are: tonic water, which together with Chinino balances the citrus and vanilla aromas, and fresh sparkling Prosecco. To finish off the cocktail add some ice and a slice of orange.

    Dì Wine from the past to the future a century tradition.

    The owners of the company, attached since generations to Florence , the surrounding territory and its tradition, are directly involved in the management obtaining as per the company philosophy, a quality product. The cellar, which has been built recently and which is the real core of the production, follows the criteria of bio-construction to achieve an energy saving and to respect the environment.

    Dì Wine shop

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    all the cocktails that can be created with Dì Wine